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I am working on a project of writing my nightmares out. I would love feedback for the purposed of readability. I will be posting what I have as I have it ready under a cut.

and feel free to be harsh with criticism, because I am looking to improve the work. but, please, don't just say, "this sucks." tell me why you don't like what you don't like and maybe even give me a suggestion on how to make it better.


I had an encounter with the incarnation of evil. I hesitate to say, "the devil," because it's a Christian term and this is definitely not a Christian entity.

This being has a presence like air. It is dark, but not in color. It is a cold and silent feeling-- numb, like gaseous Novocain. This being terrifies me, even though the being never approaches or threatens me. The most the being has ever done is ask me a question:

Why do you expect me to protect you from the evils I have created?

This being has a vaguely human form, but its emptiness and not an actual body. The being doesn’t speak words, but instead the being projects them. The silence fills my ears.

And this being was there, watching me.

Nothing more.
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