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  2014.08.13  14.44
The Life of an American Muslim

Chapter 1

You come into this world expecting nothing.

A small human being full of love, kindness, acceptance, and understanding. You’re first experience is horrible. You’re covered in blood; a blast of icy cold air, loud noises, large things, and everything unknown seem to attack you. You cry.

For the first part of your life all you do is cry. You cry, eat, and… go to the bathroom. Then you start to crawl, and walk, and run. You begin to dress yourself, finding that style that fits you just right. You find that food that makes you salivate every time you think of it. You find that song that makes you just want to bust out screaming in excitement every time it comes on the radio. You find your favorite boy band or supermodel. You find that book that you just can’t seem to put down and end up losing two night’s sleep over it. You find who you are. Then you look for friends, people who you go out with and just have fun with no plans. You

look for that best friend who you call family, who you can tell all of your locked-diary secrets to. You look for that special someone who, at first sight, you know that you can spend the rest of your life with them. You look for that one job that doesn’t even feel like a job because it’s what you love. Then you make money. You make love. You make a family. Then you die.

That’s life. I know you weren’t expecting this, but it’s fact. You do, you find, you look, you make, you die.

Chapter 2

Family traditions are forced onto the upcoming children generation after generation. One thing all parents want their children to share with them is religion. Depending upon the area, you will get a different ratio to what other common religions may be. In the Middle East, it’s Islam.

I’m from America, born and raised in the Northwest. My ancestors are from all over Europe with different branches of religion. One thing they all had in common, they were Christian. Now, I don’t mean “pray to God when you break your iPhone 5” Christian. I mean, “make a crazy person shrine to God in the middle of every room and put a cross on every wall” Christian. That means I was baptized as a baby. I won’t say my given name as a child, but I will tell you it means follower of Christ. I ended up not living with my biological parents anymore when I was little, but I was given new parents with my half-sister and her brother by my side, leaving my other half-brother alone with an aunt and her daughter.

This new home was a lot bigger, but luckily the new parents weren’t “crazy person” Christian. Though, they were still heavy advocates for Christianity. So was the rest of the area, and I mean heavy. The house was even next to a retired church. Within a four square mile area, there were sixteen churches. All of which were Catholic, Mormon, Baptist, Lutheran, Presbyterian, and every other branch of Christianity you can think of. My sister and brother went to Youth Group at the nearest one which was a block away. When I got older I decided to go a couple miles away. I admit, it was for a guy, but I truly was interested in learning more about God. I ended up not going anymore because it just didn’t make any sense to me. I didn’t understand the logic in what they were saying. I couldn’t seem to “connect the dots”.

I was told that Jesus is the son of God, and that he is the lord.

Then they said that God is the lord. Does that make Jesus God? And then they said that God is the father and Jesus is the son; and that the father, son, and Holy Spirit aren’t separate people. They’re one. So I ask, who’s the Holy Spirit? They said that the Holy Spirit isn’t anyone. So what is God’s

name? He doesn’t have a name, he isn’t a person. But Jesus is a person. Yes. And Jesus, God, and the Holy Spirit are one; right? Yes. So that means Jesus is God and the holy spirit. No. But they are one. Yes. Okay, that was delusional….. Then I ask, how did Jesus heal people and perform miracles? Through God. How did he do that? He didn’t, God did. But God isn’t a person. Exactly. So, I changed my standpoint and asked, how did God create everything? He just did. He just did? Yes.

I was getting so frustrated with the contradictory answers that I finally gave up and asked: Why did God create everything? And I got no answer at all. The previous answers went against each other and were completely confusing. I finally got silence. Eventually they said, I don’t know. That was the moment I walked out of the church and said I will never believe in anything.

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  2014.08.12  17.03
First Day

Hey, I'm trying to write a book..... I'll post a chapter or two per week on Wednesdays. PLEASE DON'T BE AFRAID TO COMMENT!

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  2012.04.28  22.52
A Mountain Of Small Things

Genre: Non-fiction
Summary:  No matter how much they try to deny it, every kid has a favorite parent, just like every parent has a favorite kid.
Yet just because all you're love seems to be given to one parent, doesn't mean there isn't a whole mountain left over for the other.
A/N: Just a fic about my relationship with my parents. Comments and critics alike are welcome.
No matter how it's denied everyone kid has a favorite parent, like how every parent has a favorite child.Collapse )

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  2012.04.22  19.32
A Life Lesson

There are some things that are better left unsaid.Collapse )

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  2007.10.09  18.59
I know this community doesn't get used much..

But for those of you who do come here once in a while, I have just posted (to my own account, not to any communities though) an essay on a philosophy topic called "solipsism" and would greatly appreciate it for anyone to read it.

Por favor and arigatou


  2007.10.01  21.04
New and in need of assistance

Alright, so I just joined LiveJournal a few weeks ago and just started using it today.

My journal will be used for a variety of things, but one of the main things will be essay-type rants, about observations in politics, people, society as a whole, etc. I'm not entirely sure if this is the right place to be posting them, but either way I won't be posting them exclusively to this community; all things I post will be posted to my own journal, if that makes any sense... I'm basically just here to let everyone know that's the type of thing I'll be posting. Maybe occasonally I'll post stuff to this community as well. 

I think I'm straying from what I'm trying to say.

What I'm trying to say is, is this the right place to post my intentions or whatever?  BLAH. I guess at the moment I don't have as much of a way with words as I'd like. But if you want to know what I'm talking about, I do have one post that actually contributes to the purpose of my journal so far, so if you want to know what type of things I'd like to post mainly (though there will also be short stories, multi-chapter stories (maybe), and an occasional poem, plus maybe some blog-like things), then check that out, and let me know whether this would even be a good community for me to join.

Por favor and arigatou. 


  2006.03.02  04.35
I would greatly appreciate some contructive criticism...please, please, and thank you.

Hi. My name is Holly, and I’m new to this community.


A few days ago I was attacked by a crow, and wrote about it in my journal.

I am really wanting to improve, and make what I write a better read. I want to be a great story teller, of my own life, but could use a lot of help and I know it. I’d really appreciate some honest, and constructive criticism. I was never enrolled in an English 12 class and thus never graduated high school. So be warned that my grammar may be less than perfect. :p If there are obvious errors with that, then feel free to tell me what they are too. I'm not going to edit this story after I read your advice, but I will definitely take it all into consideration and perhaps change something about how I write in the future. I am always wanting to improve, and could use some help from writers. But instead of just being told what is wrong with it, I would also really like to know what I did that worked well, so that I can keep that up and not be totally discouraged. But I can also take some blunt honesty. The more detailed your responses, the better. And if you don’t have much time, a quick tip for what desperately needs work, and a few words about what you think I did well would be great. Hopefully there is something you think I did well anyway. And if there is someplace where suddenly you found it really boring or annoying to keep reading please tell me what section in the story that was, and why I lost you there.

Most of my journal posts are updates on my life, and what I think and feel. But this post I wrote more with the purpose of telling this one story. And yes, it is entirely non-fiction. Please post your comments on my actual journal if possible, because I would like to have them there as a reference.


Thank you so much in advanced! I am wanting to read your responses... even if you thought it was the most dry and uncreative read you've ever encountered. As long as you tell me why, and suggest how I can prevent that in the future...I can handle most negative critiques. I really just want to get tips on how I can improve my writing, and what I'm already doing right. I’m still at the stage where I don’t even really feel comfortable calling myself “a writer”. Hopefully with improving, I will gain more confidence and become comfortable with that label.


Here's the link:



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  2005.12.06  02.33
This little piggy

Hello, here is a story from my childhood. The story involves an animal death so I thought I would just provide a link instead of posting it directly in the community.

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Thanks for your time!


  2004.12.25  23.17

I love how I'm inspired by beauty all the time. I've been really depressed being surrounded by such animosity all the time. Everything in life is beautiful, though. I've started to write what some would call my life story. It's somewhat dismal, but it's my life. I've finally come to terms with everything going on, and I think that writing all of this down can slowly get myself out of this depression. I'd really love to get some feedback on what I have so far, so please please please...read what I've got so far...

Life in a Series of Theories: IntroductionCollapse )


  2004.11.18  01.10
piece 2

reminder: I am working on a project of writing my nightmares out. I would love feedback for the purposed of readability. I will be posting what I have as I have it ready under a cut.

and feel free to be harsh with criticism, because I am looking to improve the work. but, please, don't just say, "this sucks." tell me why you don't like what you don't like and maybe even give me a suggestion on how to make it better.


Fly on the WallCollapse )


  2004.11.18  01.06

I am working on a project of writing my nightmares out. I would love feedback for the purposed of readability. I will be posting what I have as I have it ready under a cut.

and feel free to be harsh with criticism, because I am looking to improve the work. but, please, don't just say, "this sucks." tell me why you don't like what you don't like and maybe even give me a suggestion on how to make it better.


VoidCollapse )


  2003.07.18  11.01

by Tadashi

He spends many hours locked
up in versions of himself,

wondering when the other shoe will drop.

Swaying back and forth,
He uncovers some warmth
in the cotton bed sheets at his feet,

and he whispers
“Free as a bird.
It’s the next best thing to be
Free as a bird.”

His hazel eyes narrow as the dusk
invades his grey rotted room.

And as his fingernails dig into
the palms of his hands,

he mutters
“Free as a bird.
It’s the next best thing to be
Free as a bird.”

The bedpost rocks as drops
to the floor to hold on to
what he understands as being tactile.

The sweat clings to his clothes, as
a moth comes through the opened window,
to flutter around the naked light of the room.

He comes up for air,
but nobody cares,

and he sings
“Free as a bird.
It’s the next best thing to be
Free as a bird.”

The exposed bulb destroys itself.
Thousands of sparks start
raining down
on him.

The moth comes crashing
into his hands,
its snowy wings turned black,

and he screams
“Free as a bird.
It’s the next best thing to be
Free as a bird.”

The wings,
still smoking.

Free as a bird.
It’s the next best thing to be
Free as a bird.
Home and dry
Like a homing bird I fly--

Please, and comments or suggestions. I am trying to get togehter some of my best poetry for my first book. Thanks

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  2002.05.03  12.51
Square Lake Review

The diversity of methods authors use to evoke feelings from the
audience are as varied as the experiences which have shaped the
authors themselves. In order for poetry to truly come alive it must be read or otherwise expressed as the original author wished. I was fortunate enough to have that opportunity at the opening of Square Lake, a collection of poetry and other prose newly published.

In the back room of Wit's End Coffee and Books the atmosphere exuded a high concentration of literary energy. I was out of my element, alike only in my appreciation of words -- that was the only thing shared with these people. It was enough and I felt immediately at home, and sat down to wait for the show to begin.

Authors can be timid folk, and the opening speaker was no exception. Under his anxiety he showed a passionate pride for the success of this first publishing. The audience beamed and shared in his achievement. A reference was made to the average number of issues for literary journals -- allegedly they would be above the fifty percentile if they made two issues. The floor was yielded to a woman who would introduce each author in turn.

Not all authors were present to recite their works; the event was of sufficient length in any case. Some read their poems directly from the published book and others improvised and provided a wider
selection of their work. I felt a strong sense of passing through
borders as each successive author took the stage, sharing part of
their identity with me.

One particular woman had three poems each in written a different Asian country while she was traveling there (Indonesia, Bali and India). She emphasized the poverty and other negative aspects of India. She demonstrated the quality of her experiences through her poetry, sharing her highs and her lows.

The quality of the performances ranged from average to excellent and there were few I was disappointed with. The authors added another dimension to their work through the public reading of them; clarifications abounded and one could sense their true meaning. Imagery, however evoked became alive in the imagination -- more so than would be possible from one's own reading. I felt truly lucky to share in this achievement with them, and look forward to following the development of this literary journal.


  2002.02.27  09.58
My first post

When I get some time I intend to go back through some of my archived papers and post some of the things I liked (especially my Toulmin Analysis of They Might Be Giant's "Whistling in the Dark"). For now, though, to get the ball rolling I thought I would post one of my current papers.

I wrote this last week for my American Literature class. The assignment was to write a paper approximately two pages in length on the Style, Tone, and Language of Hemingway's "A Clean, Well-Lighted Place".

My EssayCollapse )

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